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Online learning is a key element of CLS Performance Solutions’ blended learning approach, encompassing eLearning courses as well as online classrooms, webinars, electronic performance support systems (EPSS), online guides and social learning. The use of online tools and communications allows more efficient learning, bringing people together at convenient times, reducing travel costs and providing support at the point of need.  It is a part of CLS’s overall blended learning capability which includes a full range of options from formal training, simulations and performance support tools through to informal learning, coaching, mobile learning and relationship-centric social learning. The right mix of learning formats enables enterprises and individuals to be fully equipped to enhance performance by understanding new processes as well as by learning while on the job.  

CLS provides learning solutions to enterprises and large organisations, particularly those implementing major projects such as ERP software installations using SAP, Oracle, Workday or Microsoft Dynamics.  Our approach of tailoring learning to meet your corporate goals as well as addressing individual learning needs means that we develop the right mix of formal and informal learning.  Elearning allows training to be tracked and evaluated by the organisation while at the same time providing flexibility for the learner in choosing when to do the training and efficiency of delivery for the enterprise. 

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