Electronic Performance Support Systems

Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) is a key tool for effective working in enterprises, whether it be for general skills and capability development as part of an overall L&D strategy or for sustaining effective working to gain the most from major process changes, such as ERP implementations, after they have gone live.

CLS’s Sustainment Strategy will help you address the challenges you face to maintain and improve performance on a day to day basis with continual development of individuals and improved collaboration.

As with all of CLS’s learning solutions, the sustainment strategy is based on an evaluation of your objectives as well as the needs of the learners and covers:

  • Post Go-live support
  • On-line Performance Support
  • Knowledge Transfer to Business
  • Business Process Updates
  • Curriculum Materials Maintenance
  • Collaboration
  • New Hire/Refresher Training

Using our blended approach, the learning programme can be tailored to your requirements,  allowing us to agree with you the right mix of programmed and on-demand support as well as of individual and collaborative solutions.

EXAMPLE: an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) can be implemented to provide a library of content targeted to the users’ roles which can be accessed at the point of need while they are performing specific tasks.   This can then be supplemented with group sessions where users learn how their roles impact those with whom they are working and discuss how they can improve team performance.  Access can also be provided to forums or to expert users where problems can be resolved and best practices identified and shared.

Blending means that we have at our disposal a full range of solutions from classroom sessions, through simulations of real situations, job aids, eLearning and mLearning courses to social learning tools.  CLS has the expertise to provide the right mix to help you optimise the on-going performance of your organisation and your people.

To find out more about CLS learning solutions and our Sustainment Strategy, click or tap here to contact us.

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