CLS: 4 years and growing

July 16th, 2015

We have just celebrated the 4th birthday of CLS Performance Solutions.  The company was spun out of RWD in 2011 and we have continued to supply learning solutions to enterprises ever since.  This has mainly been for organisations requiring successful end-user adoption of ERP implementations, particularly SAP and Oracle installations, but it has also included other business process support projects.

Our thanks go to all the customers who have engaged us for projects during these four years.  We’re proud to have helped you and proud of the fact that we have ongoing relationships with so many of you.  We would also like to thank the partners alongside whom we have worked and the technology partners whose tools we have used in our learning solutions.

We are looking forward to the coming year with more big projects in the pipeline and we’re excited to be able to be able to offer an increasingly rich mix of blended learning as customers demand more from newer techniques such as mobile learning (mlearning) and social learning solutions.

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