• Adding value to technology
    adoption through learning solutions

Adding value to technology adoption through learning solutions

Are your users making the most from your new technology?

Implementing new technology systems to support your business provides huge potential for improved efficiency and streamlined operations in your organisation.  In order to reap these benefits as soon as possible, users must rapidly gain competence in using the new technology and then keep building their skills and knowledge to improve their own, and the organisation’s, performance.  Tailored learning solutions can be justified by the extra value they provide in achieving efficiency gains quickly. 

CLS provides the added value of reducing time to competence and maintaining performance through our learning solutions.  We have extensive experience of successfully training users of major system implementations, such as SAP and Oracle implementations, and of major process changes in large multi-nationals.

Want to find out more about how our learning solutions can unlock the potential of your technology implementations?

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CLS Performance Systems has extensive experience of providing successful learning programmes as part of major ERP implementations or upgrades based on SAP, Oracle, Workday or Mi...

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July 16th, 2015

We have just celebrated the 4th birthday of CLS Performance Solutions.  The company was spun out of RWD in 2011 and we have continued...

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The benefits of learning are measured by the improvement in performance of those who participate in learning programmes – the “Performance Enhancement Dividend&rdquo...

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