Learning ROI: Performance Support and Enhancement

The benefits of learning are measured by the improvement in performance of those who participate in learning programmes – the “Performance Enhancement Dividend” shown in the illustration. This improvement may be shown by competence in working with newly implemented processes and software, by increasing productivity in day to day working, by the application of newly learned skills, or by the capability to undertake a new role after a change in job.

Measurement of enhanced performance is often overlooked but it is vital for the justification of learning projects because of its close link to many business goals and KPIs. Not only does it help manage and prioritise activity within L&D or project management, it also promotes the value of learning within the whole organisation. For example, the 2014 report on “Building Staff Engagement” from Towards Maturity shows that learning innovation results in 23% improvement in the speed of rollout of new products/services and a 12% reduction in time to proven competency.

This measurement approach focuses on KPIs for learners such as
• Reduced time to competence for using new systems
• Increase in productivity
• Reduction in errors
• Increased capability to deal efficiently with problems without escalation

It means the success of learning and of business transformation initiatives is not judged on “on time, on budget” but on the outcomes. This naturally drives learning solutions to be more closely linked to helping in real work situations and towards sustained improvement based on performance support.

Measurement of the improved performance of staff resulting from learning shows the wider organisation how critical learning is and hence justifies the costs. It also raises the profile of the learning function and strengthen the case for L&D to be involved up-front in organisational planning and not just called in to execute in support of business changes.

We will be looking further at methods of performance support which lead to measurable improvements in our webinar “Life after Go-Live” on Thursday March 12th: click/tap here to find out more.

(Article originally published on March 3rd, 2015)

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