Learner engagement in 2016

Employee engagement in learning will be a major theme during 2016, as part of a trend towards engagement in all areas of work.  The trend will gather pace because it brings business benefits as well as meeting the demands of today’s employees.

The benefits for enterprises are brought out in Towards Maturity’s 2015 organisational survey “Modernising Learning: Delivering Results” which highlights how better staff engagement and better business results go together in companies with leading learning practices.

In terms of the demands of today’s employees, Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends report notes that “employees now demand a personalized, digital learning experience that feels like YouTube”.

So how do we provide this personalised learning experience?  Mobile learning, or mLearning, provides one obvious tool, allowing learners easy access to on-demand learning when they want.  It also encourages the development and use of bite-sized chunks of training including videos.  The benefits of mLearning are explored more in “Reshaping the Learner Mindset” by Randy Emelo.

Another example of how it can be done is in the approach of Adidas, who work to make their learning “light, desirable and fun”, and to support the 80% of learning that they believe to be informal.  Their approach to developing learning resources models the ease of use and interactivity of social media tools such as Instagram and YouTube as well as borrowing from concepts such as pop-up shops.

While learning is just one area in which employees need to be engaged, using the new learning resources and technologies that are becoming widely available, gives learning the opportunity to be at the forefront of this new engagement.

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