ERP Project Implementation

CLS Performance Systems has extensive experience of providing successful learning programmes as part of major ERP implementations or upgrades based on SAP, Oracle, Workday or Microsoft Dynamics software.  Our many multinational clients include BP, Barclays, BAE, BAT, Cobham, Reckitt Benckiser & Siemens.  We work with organisations to ensure that the learning is aligned with the goals of the project and the requirements of users, making a key contribution to the overall success of projects.

Understanding your situation and your goals is key to our approach, as we recognise each client has their own unique requirements. Our early engagement in your project brings the benefit of experience for agreeing with you up-front on the right learning strategy in alignment with your business objectives.

Our Project Managers are training consultants with a long track record of managing learning projects to ensure a successful outcome and with real industry experience so that they understand your  business context. They control projects to meet objectives, ensuring that learning programmes are developed to enable learners to improve their skills and are delivered to provide sustained performance and tangible business benefits.

Based on our extensive experience we have developed our own training framework which ensures a focus on:

  • Understanding the needs of stakeholders
  • Planning what needs to be done, when, by whom, and to what standards
  • Building and motivating the team
  • Coordinating the work of our consultants
  • Monitoring work being completed
  • Managing changes to the plan
  • Delivering successful results

The framework covers the full range of services from strategy to sustainment.   Involving CLS Performance Solutions early on in planning your implementation allows our consultants to assure that a learning strategy is in place that is aligned to the overall project goals and will deliver effective, sustained end user adoption of your ERP implementation, which is vital for the success of the project.  It also allows the selection of the right mix of blended learning tools to be selected based on the needs of the learners.

At the design phase we will produce a “blueprint” of the training content, sequence, activities, and strategies for deployment, before beginning the development of training content.  This ensure that performance-based training is developed according to competency assessment
standards, aligns client expectations for development and allocates resources efficiently to development effort

During development of training material, our consultants will create materials to the agreed standards, using the chosen content accelerator tool that is being used on the project. CLS’s development methodology will manage the production of high quality, role-based end user materials. Our consultants are experts in specific ERP systems, and will include practical tools and tips, and the material benefits from real-life ERP and industry knowledge and experience which will make them more valuable to our client. CLS’s translation capabilities ensure that learning is provided in the languages required by the different workforces.

Our approach to course development is to create enjoyable, stimulating and experiential ways for your employees to learn. We have a wealth of experience in designing, developing and rolling-out small to large scale ERP programmes to help you with your own unique solution.

Training delivery is planned and carried out to successfully transfer to the end user the skills and knowledge, that are embedded in a performance intervention.  Our blended approach means that this may use traditional classroom sessions, eLearning, mLearning and group sessions – with the mix that best suits the organisation, project and learners.

CLS clients testify to the success of our learning programmes, which we measuring using metrics agreed with them.  Evaluation is a key part of our framework, providing clients with the assurance that objectives have been met and enabling effective provision of performance support tools for effective end user adoption over the medium and long term.

Your investments in ERP installations and upgrades are huge and we recognise that the RoI depends on effective and efficient use of the software and processes over a sustained period.  So we focus on helping you develop and deliver learning that results in end users who gain competence quickly and maintain or enhance that competence over time.

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