Blended Learning and 70:20:10

Blended Learning and 70:20:10 are an ideal match.

The 70:20:10 approach, as popularised by Charles Jennings of the 70:20:10 Forum, is a framework which combines 3 types of learning:

  • on the job (the “70”): from doing daily tasks, especially the ones that are challenging and require you to learn how to deal with specific situations
  • social (the “20”): from sharing with others, whether from coaching by managers or specified mentors, or from social learning with your colleagues
  • formal (the “10”): from organised training courses

The ratios 70:20:10 are not meant to be exact and can vary from situation to situation.  However, they highlight the importance of on the job learning.

Blended learning ties in with the 70:20:10 framework because it focuses on providing a variety of learning resources matched to different people’s situations and the skills they need to develop.  So, for example, a blended learning programme might provide classroom or online training for the formal part of learning, tools based round social media for the social element, and online help and videos for on demand support.

70:20:10 defines the need for different forms of learning, while blended learning provides the set of resources to support them and to ensure sustained performance improvement.

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